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Go Get Em Young Applesauce - Mets open series against Phils, Feliciano responds, Clemens & Piazza bury hatchet

Meet the Mets

As Chris Young and the Mets prepare to face the division rival Phillies for the first time tonight, one former Met remains in the news. Pedro Feliciano said more yesterday than in all 8 years he was with the Mets. In particular, Feliciano predicts jumping in celebration after striking Ike Davis out. I'm not really sure how he expects to pitch this season after the ruthless beatings inflicted on him by Dan Warthen and Jerry Manuel, but best of luck to him. 

Roger Clemens and Mike Piazza appeared together on ESPN Radio and insisted that all that bat throwing/beaning stuff is behind them

Why is it that no one gives David Wright a lot of credit for when he comes through in the clutch (and he does it fairly frequently)?

Cory Vaughn will join his Brooklyn teammate Darrell Ceciliani at Savannah to open the 2011 season.

Apparently, the 1962 Mets walked a lot. Who knew? Don't tell the Hirsch brothers.

Dan Warthen and Jon Debus have put together a special bullpen toychest for all their relievers to enjoy during the game.

Around MLB

Remember that play where the Marlin right fielder let the fly ball drop? Remember how everyone said that was a bad idea? Well, could it be that they were all wrong?

Craig Kimbrel keeps striking people out.

Phillies pitcher Kyle Kendrick has had his World Series ring stolen.

The beauty of small sample sizes: the Orioles have a better playoff chance than the Red Sox at this point. It doesn't help Boston that they allowed 4,383 feet worth of home runs to open the season against the Rangers.

Scott Kazmir is not very good anymore.

Baseball history at a glance: how all the MLB teams got their names.

And, just a reminder,chicks dig the long ball. Still funny.