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Sneaky Win Applesauce - Mets trounce Phils to open series, Young's delivery, Met insurance

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Meet the Mets

That was pretty nice. It's still pretty clear that the Phillies are a really good team and with last night's game came a renewal of the heated "rivalry". "Rivalry" is in quotes because most of the good ones aren't this one sided. The good news is that any and all of that can change and the Mets are 1-0 against the Phils so far.

A lot of credit has to go to Chris Young who was pretty decent for the first five innings. The Wall Street Journal's Brian Costa has an outstanding article up explaining how Young takes advantage of his 6' 10" frame to be the most deceptive pitcher in baseball.

Adam Rubin does a really nice job explaining how the Mets bypassed the insurance companies to self-insure Johan Santana's contract.

Come on people, don't let me be at Friday's Home Opener alone!

Ike Davis is the first home-grown first baseman to start an opener for the Mets since Ed Kranepool. Good thing he's a lot better than Kranepool.

Mike Piazza approaches the tee.

Around MLB

I love reading the Philly reactions on the rare times that the Mets actually beat them. David Cohen has a nice sarcastic piece tweaking the more knee-jerk Philly fans. Maybe Met fans and Philly fans have more in common than we think... 

Corey Seidman explains why Philly fans are so rough on Cole Hamels.

Chase Utley could start running in a few days.

The Marlins sneak past the Nationals and the Braves drop a 1-0 match against Yovani Gallardo.

The more I'm reading about the beating of a Giant fan outside Dodger Stadium, the angrier I get. He remains in a coma and apparently he texted his family that he was scared right before the incident.

Even though the Rockies have handled their baseball humidor totally above board (...), MLB's rule police want to come in and make it even more legitimate.

Jeff Samardzija: tough to spell, tough to explain why he's here.

The Pirates need to lock up Andrew McCutchen.

Tim McCarver is blogging his predictions for this season. The impostor pretty much nails it.

And, finally, be sure to check out Jack Wilson doing what Jack Wilson always does, but this time at second base.

Outside MLB

You can make music out of anything. Here are 200 household appliances synchronized into a symphony.