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Pelfrey Bobbles Applesauce - Mets fall short against Phils, Kiner honored tomorrow, fear Dodger Stadium

Meet the Mets

Last night wasn't the best of results, to say the least. Mike Pelfrey didn't get out of the third inning AND Francisco Rodriguez finished his first game of the year AND the Mets lost. still, we gotten five games so far where the Mets have been moderately competitive and here's hoping that it's the start of a trend this year.

If Pelfrey keeps pitching this way, you can pretty much ignore all these trade rumors (although you can probably ignore them no matter what).

Not only do I get a Mr. Met bobblehead doll tomorrow (if I get there early enough), but I also get to see Ralph Kiner honored pre-game. Sweet deal.

Should we feel bad for David Wright?

There's at least one columnist who thinks that Jenrry Mejia should be in the Met rotation right now. Honestly, what's the rush? 

More bad news for Reese Havens

I'm loving these weekly farm reports that Adam Rubin is doing. This week's features Matt den Dekker.

It's Opening Day in Buffalo!


Around MLB

This Dodger Stadium deal is becoming a huge story and could be a catastrophic PR situation for the team. Sensing that, they're bringing in the big guns and have hired former police commissioner William Bratton.

Major League Baseball could return to Montreal, at least for one game.

The Twins will take what they can get against the Yankees.

Be on the lookout for a guy in Red Sox pajamas with a knife.

Why hadn't they come up with these hats sooner? That is just pure genius.

Former Met Kevin Mitchell is getting probation for his attack on a fellow golfer from a few months ago.

Giants FAIL