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Mets Home Opener Giveaway: Signed Copy Of Billy Joel - Live At Shea Stadium

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Billy Joel - Live At Shea Stadium
Billy Joel - Live At Shea Stadium

The Mets will play their home opener tonight at Citi Field when R.A. Dickey takes on the Nationals. As if that weren't enough cause for celebration, we've got something extra for you. We have a copy of Billy Joel - Live At Shea Stadium 2CD + DVD set to give away. What's more, the set has been signed by Billy Joel and would make a great keepsake for fans of music, recently demolished buildings, or both.

Here's the fun part. The Joel set will be awarded to the first person to correctly predict tonight's final score—including winning/losing team—in the comments of this thread. A few simple rules:

  1. Entries should be left as comments on this thread.
  2. One entry per person. Subsequent entries will be ignored.
  3. You must include the winning team and the final score.
  4. Entries must be received (i.e., comment must be left) by 4:00pm EDT.

If nobody manages to guess the final score and winning team we'll just play again tomorrow. SOMEBODY WILL PROPERLY WIN THIS CD + DVD SET.

Billy Joel - Live At Shea Stadium is available in stores and online. You can read more about it at