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Come Back Ike Applesauce - Don't leave us, Mets squeak by Rox, Francoeur sagely bashes Citi

Meet the Mets

Every good thing has its costs; last night's rain-delayed squeaker against the Rockies cost more than most wins, the Mets' starting first baseman. Davis's is not the only injury affecting the Mets right now. As Chris Young and Jenrry Mejia have gone down, the Mets are left with scarily little in terms of starting pitching depth. Fortunately, Met management appears to have good conservative instincts on this and probably won't be calling up Jeurys Familia or Matt Harvey this year.

Speaking of Matt Harvey, not a good showing last night. But, Jeurys Familia balanced it out in his Binghamton debut

Jeff Francoeur is in town to play the Yankees and he took the opportunity to wax poetic about how crappy Citi Field is.

Don't expect the Mets to trade Reyes and then re-sign him during the off-season.

Mike Pelfrey seems to be working well with Ronny Paulino.

Best correction ever?

Last night wasn't a great night for the Colorado grounds crew.

And, be sure to look for Charlie Samuels' arrest today!

Around MLB

The Phillies and Roy Halladay lost in probably the marquis pitching duel of the year to Josh Johnson and the Marlins. 

The Braves lose to the Nationals and have Jason Heyward get hurt.

Hanley Ramirez has struggled, but he won't be moved out of the three spot quite yet.

Having just taken my Professional Responsibility final exam, this Dodger conflict of interest story kind of cracked me up.

Astros + free sandwiches = Ted Berg bait.

Jim Bowden has completely irony free ideas about fixing the DUI problem