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Mets Player Performance Meter, Week 5

It's been a couple weeks since we took stock of the Mets' roster with our Player Performance Meter, and last time we checked in, the Mets had just come off their sixth straight win and were 11-13 and in fourth place in the division. Things haven't gone so well since then, and they're now 16-20, one additional game below .500, and sit in last place in the NL East.

All stats below are from April 27 through May 10.

Player Last Week This Week Comment
Jason Bay, LF It's been downright ugly lately for Bay, who's hit .143/.234/.167, including 12 K's in 47 PAs. Will he ever start hitting as a Met?
Pedro Beato, RP Beato still hadn't allowed an earned run when he hit the DL. He wasn't striking out a ton of batters, but he was barely walking any.
Carlos Beltran, RF Beltran hit a cool .265/.415/.512 and got his first day off after playing in 21 consecutive games. It looks like Mets fans will get to enjoy Beltran at his best for however long he's still on the team.
Taylor Buchholz, RP He's been stellar in 5.2 innings of work with 7 K and 1 BB. He allowed only 1 run over that time on a solo home run. He's one of the guys who makes this bullpen an asset.
Tim Byrdak, RP After warming up but not playing much early, Byrdak has pitched in 7 games for a total of 3.2 IP, the true sign of a specialist being used properly. Oh and he had 5 K, 1 BB, and didn't allow a run in those appearances.
Chris Capuano, SP With 3 starts and a 3.86 ERA, Capuano's been good lately. His K's are still a bit low, but he's gotten a lot better.
Ike Davis, 1B Ike's cooled off a bit after a hot start, hitting .245/.315/.449. On the upside, he still had 3 HR in 13 games. On the downside, he strained his calf and came back to New York to visit the dreaded Mets' doctors.
R.A. Dickey, SP Only 7 K in 19.2 IP over 3 starts with a 5.03 ERA. No need to panic yet, but his season so far is a reminder of just how special his 2010 was.
Dillon Gee, SP Gee's been alright outside of his awful outing in Philadelphia, and his emergency start in place of Chris Young went fairly well. He did walk 6 in 9.2 IP, though, and that's not good.
Scott Hairston, OF He's only had 15 PAs, but his Castillo-esque .250/.357/.250 line isn't the end of the world. Believe it or not, he was intentionally walked once.
Willie Harris, OF The .218 OBP was bad enough, but getting caught stealing was atrocious.
Chin-lung Hu, IF Hu may be worse than we thought with the bat: 8 PAs, 5 K, 1 BB, and no hits. Terry Collins needs to avoid putting him in the batter's box.
Ryota Igarashi, RP With 6 K and 6 BB in four innings, Igarashi's been better than he was last year, but his control has to improve if he hopes to stay in the big leagues.
Jason Isringhausen, RP He's not striking out very many batters, but Izzy is getting the job done. He only allowed one run in 3.2 innings and has improved the bullpen since his arrival.
Daniel Murphy, 2B Murphy's seen regular playing time but has struggled at the plate: .233/.267/.349. He's not striking out a ton so perhaps luck will start to work in his favor soon.
Jonathon Niese, SP A pair of starts and a 3.75 ERA make for an improvement over Niese's early outings. The rotation wasn't supposed to be great, but it wasn't supposed to by anywhere near as bad as it was early in the season.
Mike O'Connor Called up when Pedro Beato got hurt, O'Connor has thrown 2.2 innings with 3 K and no walks. Not too shabby.
Angel Pagan, CF He's been on the DL this whole time and suffered a setback. He's trying to get better in Florida, but there's no telling when he'll be back.
Bobby Parnell, RP Parnell also spent the whole time on the DL, but he's made a rehab appearance and looks like he'll rejoin the Mets soon.
Ronny Paulino Paulino has lived up to his lefty-mashing reputation in 8 games thus far, racking up a gaudy .520 OBP in 25 trips to the plate.
Mike Pelfrey, SP Pelfrey's been better of late: 3 starts, 18.2 innings, and a 3.86 ERA. If those numbers look familiar it's because they're exactly the same as Chris Capuano's.
Jason Pridie, CF Called up for his defensive prowess when Angel Pagan went down, Pridie has continued to surprise with his bat. He hit two more home runs and sported a .515 SLG as a result. That won't last, but it's been a bonus so far.
Jose Reyes, SS There's nothing more enjoyable about the Mets right now than watching Reyes play at the top of his game. .327/.387/.582 over the past couple of weeks, and for the season he leads MLB with 6 triples. His fWAR is tops among shortstops.
Francisco Rodriguez, RP In 7 appearances, Rodriguez has put guys on base but not allowed any of them to score. If his option vests, at least he's showing that he can still be a premier reliever.
Josh Thole, C In 10 games behind the plate, Thole's .355 OBP isn't awful, but the .308 SLG is. The defense hasn't been pretty either, but there's still plenty of time for improvement.
Justin Turner, 2B He's only had 15 PAs over the past two weeks, but one of them drove in a coveted GWRBI!
David Wright, 3B At least he's been drawing walks. Wright's .345 OBP is outstanding given his .208 AVG lately. He'll start hitting with power, probably sooner than later.
Chris Young, SP Young came off the DL, had one great start in Philadelphia, and went back on the DL, this time for good. At least he was very good when he did pitch.