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F! on Standby Applesauce - Mets bring Ike for MRI, roster spot opening tabbed for Martinez, Cora does something for somebody

Meet the Mets

I expect that we'll find out more about Ike Davis's injury later today as the Met first baseman was flown back to New York yesterday for an MRI. The Mets are not taking many chances though and have Fernando Martinez sitting in Denver, waiting to be activated if Davis is DL'd. It's certainly not the best news you'd like to hear, but it sounds like the team is on top of the situation for the time being.

In other news, there's plenty of Jeff Francoeur stuff to pass along today, including his explanation for giving Charlie Samuels $50,000 last year (it's a doozy) and him getting semi-intentionally hit by A.J. Burnett in last night's game

Michael Diaz breaks down what he sees as Jason Bay's batting stance sins as a Met.

The Daily News has a neat article on Darren Meenan, the guy behind The 7 Line t-shirts. Good stuff. Be sure to check out the article and the store.

Around MLB

The Phillies bounced back against the Marlins. And Alex Cora caps a rally against Craig Kimbrel and the Braves.

Atlanta has more bad news today as Jason Heyward's shoulder is painful enough to warrant an MRI. Should they end up needing another outfielder, it's a good thing that they've brought Ryan Klesko back into the organization.

Kendrys Morales is hurt bad and will miss the entire season after a second surgery.

Matt Wieters' hitting has been fairly disappointing thus far in his young career, but his defensive skills have made him an incredibly valuable piece.

And, finally, Joe Posnanski argues that the steroid stigma has gone a long way towards cleaning up the game.