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Happy Jason Voorhees Day Applesauce - Awesome Beltran is awesome, F-Mart F-activated, Young is done

Meet the Mets

The Mets took the rubber game of their frequently rain-delayed series in Denver, thanks to Carlos Beltran and his awesomely awesomeness. He became the first Met to homer three times in a game since Jose Reyes did it in 2006. The normally stoic outfielder was all smiles after the game and even admitted he saw his third longball against Matt Lindstrom as "revenge". He looked like the Beltran of old, which was somewhat bittersweet, since this almost assuredly his last go-around in a Met uniform.

Fernando Martinez, aka F-Mart, The Teenage Hitting Machine, El Bombastic, The Lord of Living Lightning, and 37 other nicknames, was called up to the majors on Thursday to take the spot of ailing Ike Davis. Terry Collins says he will be a backup and only get the occasional start, which sounds like a good move for someone who's so young and still developing.

Chris Young, we hardley knew ye. The righty has elected to have shoulder surgery and has presumably seen his last day in a Mets uniform.

Paul Lukas of UniWatch has blown the lid off the whole Mets Black Uniform Conspiracy. We're through the looking glass here, people.

Howard Megdal talks to New York Magazine about his campaign to become the Mets GM (and his book thereabout).

The Daily News has a feature on Darren Meenan, proprietor of the Mets-themed t-shirt outfit The 7 line. 

NYDN also has a tribute to the late Bill Gallo, whose pen chronicled many an Amazin' moment over the years. Metstradamus has a brief but poignant homage of his own.

NL East Action

A Martin Prado grand slam and a walkoff single from Brian McCann conspired to give the Braves a win over the Nationals. They got some more good news when an MRI on Jason Heyward revealed only mild inflammation, thus staving off a DL stint for one more day at least.

The Braves next host the Phillies, who, along with the Marlins, had Thursday off. The Good Phight suggested some films that one might view to prepare for such a heated battle. To that list, let me add Un Chien Andalou.

Citizen's Bank Park will host the NHL's 2012 Winter Classic. Will the ice be made of cheesesteaks? Because they eat cheesesteaks in Philly! I don't know if someone has pointed this out before in every national broadcast of a Phillies game, but I really think we should start mentioning it more often!

In a rehab start on Thursday, Roy Oswalt gave up three runs on seven hits, while his catcher Carlos Ruiz (also rehabbing) said the pitcher's fastball "had no life". On the plus side, think about how intimidating a zombie pitch could be.

Old pal Brian Schneider has gone on the DL with a hamstring strain. I still think his Toyota commercials were mildly amusing. There, I said it.

Nationals prospect Bryce Harper is destroying Sally League pitching, thanks to his bionic eyes.

Around MLB

Why does Joe Torre want to crack down on fraternization in MLB? 'Duk at Big League Stew thinks he knows why.

Bartolo Colon is experiencing a renaissance in the Bronx. And it may be an actual renaissance, as in rebirth, since he received an experimental stem-cell treatment in the off season.

After a dismal start to the season, the Rays have completely turned it around and now find themselves in first place. And you doubted them. Yes, you.

If you were hoping for a quick resolution of the Dodgers' financial/ownership situation, you shall be disappointed. They are a house of cards, a riddle wrapped in a mystery, wrapped in an enigma, and wrapped in a psychic sending good vibes from Boston.

Pirates manager Clint Hurdle benched Andrew McCutchen on Thursday for a lack of hustle, and for high sticking.

In a post that deserves the sabermetric equivalent of a lifetime achievement award, Larry Granillo at Baseball Prospectus looks at the evolution of stats on the backs of baseball cards.