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David Wright Has A Stress Fracture In His Lower Back

David Wright, whose 43 strikeouts are tenth in baseball and who was a late scratch from tonight's lineup, has a stress fracture in his lower back and will miss an undisclosed amount of time. The Mets will seek a second opinion before deciding whether a trip to the disabled list is in Wright's immediate future.

Wright is hitting just .226/.337/.404 this season and there was some speculation weeks ago that he might be concealing an injury. Mind you, even with a wonky back Wright has the eighth-best wOBA among big league third basemen and managed to belt what turned out to be a game-winning home run against the Astros on Friday.

It's not yet clear how or when Wright first sustained the injury, but early reports suggest that he might have hurt his back carrying the Mets' offense last season.

Willie Harris will get the start tonight in Wright's place, which is the very definition of adding insult to injury.