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This Week In SNY, Featuring Astronauts, Obnoxious Rockies Fans, And Ralph Kiner

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Let's start this week's recap with some Ralph Kiner.

Sunday, May 8th

The legendary Hall of Famer made a Sunday visit to the booth:


The man is 88 years-old and still sharp as a razor. Some Kiner gems:

  • Ralph Kiner: You've gotta change the script, I don't like the script.
    Gary Cohen:
    What's wrong with the script?
    Ralph Kiner:
    Well the script should be the Mets win every day.
  • Ralph Kiner: When I played, when [managers] talked to you, it was ‘you're going back to the minors son'.
  • Ralph Kiner: [Loney] had some terrible swings in the first two games of this series. Makes you say ‘this guy is a major league hitter?' Maybe he has the answer of how to get a base hit off a knuckleballer -- have a terrible swing.
  • Ralph Kiner: Ike was #5 in slugging percentage in baseball when this game started. Slugging is compiled by total bases. A single is one, a double is two, a triple is three and a home run is four. And then divided by official at-bats.
    Gary Cohen: What's the new one now?
    Ralph Kiner: It's on base percentage and slugging -- OPS.
    Keith Hernandez: Is that a little overkill?
    Ralph Kiner: And that's a really good stat because it tells the truth about a batter's real proficiency.

Ralph Kiner: True SABR?

Tuesday, May 10th

Ike Davis performed the Heimlich Maneuver on David Wright:


Seriously though, no more collisions please. Communicate.

How is it acceptable that Barney the purple dinosaur stands behind home plate distracting visiting pitchers at Coors Field?:


A fan greeted Jason Giambi with a mile high salute. Fine by me:


Thursday, May 12th

An obnoxious fan in Colorado took to screaming "swing!" during every pitch to Carlos Beltran. It dominated the broadcast for a bit. Here is our offender blowing a snot rocket/screaming at our man Voltron:


Gary Cohen: When there's a small crowd and there's a heckler you can certainly hear him.

Beltran shut the guy up by doing this:


That's home run number two of three on the day. Screw the haterz. May 12th, 2011 -- Carlos Beltran Day.

Friday, May 13th

Let's check in with Kevin! Kevin spoke with an astronaut Friday night in Houston because why the hell not?


Topics covered included:

  • Antimatter
  • The Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer
  • Unlocking secrets of the universe

Basically the top three topics on every Met fan's mind. This has been this week's installment of "Let's Check In With Kevin!"

The now-famous Spiderman fan escape occurred Friday night in the bottom of the ninth inning. In case you haven't seen it, here it is:

The Angels were so impressed by this one display of athleticism that they offered the fan a 5-year, $50 million contract. Gary Cohen was not impressed:

Gary Cohen: Well this doesn't do anybody any good. It's 3-and-2, 2 out, last of the 9th, tying run at the plate, and the tension gets broken by some fool.

Respectfully disagree, Gary.

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