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Luck Be a Marlin Applesauce - Mets shoot themselves in both feet, Hu and Iggy down, Tejada and Beato up

Meet the Mets

It's been a while since I've seen the Mets get as unlucky as they did yesterday, but it certainly wasn't just luck that was responsible for that loss. Jason Pridie, Ryota Igarashi, and Terry Collins can all share some of the blame, if I had to pick just a few. But, let's not jump to too many conclusions here. Kevin Kernan does in what is easily the early favorite for worst column of the week, saying that the Mets need to deal Reyes before the "Curse" takes him away too. I know that it's fun to read some supernatural meaning into days like this, and I'm sure it sells a lot of papers, just like that Bobby Bonilla story, but seriously? The Mets are just three games below .500 while all this snake biting is supposedly occurring. I know it's fun to whine about the Mets and to joke about how badly the team is handled, but let's save it for a team that actually sucks. 

Anyway, now that I'm off my soapbox, there were a few other interesting comments from last night's game to pass along. For one, Mike Pelfrey thinks that his pitching line kind of sucked from last night and Jason Bay was sure he hit a homer in the first.

After seeing Hu and Igarashi struggle again, the Mets have called up Ruben Tejada and Pedro Beato. Tejada will play second base and Justin Turner will move to third. That will be a good middle infield at least.

Carlos Beltran hears your lazy talk and has spent almost 10% of his salary trying to make sure that future Puerto Rican ballplayers don't suffer the same fate.

The Mets are walking a lot more this season and Jeff Francoeur is not on the team anymore. Coincidence?

Welcome to Twitter Doc, now get changed into the right uniform or else we will Josh Thole you.

Some minor league stuff to pass along. Met farmhand Edgar Ramirez has been slapped with a 50-game PED suspension. Baseball Prospectus is awfully impressed with Jeurys Familia to start the season. And Matt Pignataro spotlights potential Met draft target Brandon Nimmo from Wyoming.

Around MLB

The Cardinals slow down the Phillies. The Braves sneak past the Astros.

Boston is above .500 for the first time this season.

All of the Royals had a bad day against the Indians, but no one had a worse day than KC pitcher Vin Mazzaro.

So, those Alec Baldwin commercials are pretty funny, but there's a guy in California in a coma thanks to fan on fan violence. Usually don't like being a killjoy on this stuff, but the timing isn't great on those commercials.

Tony La Russa comes back from shingles and promptly moves Albert Pujols to third base.

Harmon Killebrew was the inspiration for the MLB logo?

And, finally, Ron Santo apparently got death threats from New York in 1970 and was assigned police protection after other incidents in 1972.