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Mets Trivia Contest: Win A David Wright Autographed Baseball

David Wright made these. Or something.
David Wright made these. Or something.

David Wright, the handsome, now-injured third baseman of the New York Mets baseball team is a very busy guy. He plays baseball (though not currently); he started the David Wright Foundation to help children in need; he owns 0.5% of Vitamin Water; and he now apparently "makes" skin-care products with a bunch of other athletes like Mia Hamm and this shirtless guy (N.B. preceding link does not take you to a picture of Tony Bernazard).

Mission Skincare drove a dump-truck full of cash up to our door and gave us a choice: We could either take that sweet, sweet money and retire to Rio; or we could have a David Wright autographed baseball to give away to one lucky reader. Long story short, I panicked and took the baseball, and now here we are. They also gave us an exclusive promo code — DWRIGHT50 — through which 50% of your purchase made at the Mission SkinCare website will go to charity.

So we're running a trivia contest to give away the Wright-signed ball (worth something like $300 at Shop prices). After the jump you'll find the trivia questions, ten of them in all (you can also access them here). The answers to all ten can be found at Baseball-Reference within their player and team pages, boxscores, and so forth. The contest ends at 5pm EDT this Friday, May 17, at which time we will randomly select a winner from among the entries with the most correct answers. We'll announce the winner next week. You can read the official rules here.

We've also included some promotional info about Mission Skincare after the jump.

MISSION is the first and only line of Athlete-Engineered™ products designed to enhance performance in training and competition. MISSION was Co-Founded by a premier group of world-class athletes including David Wright and some other people who aren't David Wright, all of whom wanted to be part of the solution to the void of Performance Care products available to athletes in the marketplace.1

The Company also has a dual MISSION. While delivering world-class innovations, MISSION also makes an impact off the field of play through The M Foundation which promotes the health & safety of youth athletes, and simultaneously recognizes and awards high school athletes that give back to their community. MISSION is setting a new standard in "high-performance" on all levels.

1 Really?