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Mets Player Performance Meter, Week 6

A week ago, the Mets were in last place and four games under .500. Now they're tied for fourth place and only two games shy of even. Progress! Overall, the starting pitching continues to look a lot better than it did for the first couple weeks of the season. The bullpen is an asset to this point, and when used properly, each reliever on the current big league roster can be counted on to succeed more often than not.

Stats below are from May 12 through May 18.

Player Last Week This Week Comment
Jason Bay, LF He sported a .360 OBP and hit an absolute bomb in Houston. Maybe he's finally turning the corner?
Pedro Beato, RP He's back from the disabled list as of yesterday, and hopefully he'll pick up where he left off.
Carlos Beltran, RF Three home runs in one game in Colorado and a .300/.364/.800 slash line? Not too shabby.
Taylor Buchholz, RP He's continued his strong performance out of the bullpen. In 3 innings of work, he allowed only a solo home run.
Tim Byrdak, RP He didn't pitch much, recording a lone out in two appearances. Allowed a run, but that was in Houston when Terry Collins used him against two righties.
Chris Capuano, SP Another good start by Capuano. Even though it was 5 innings, the 6 K's were a good sign.
Ike Davis, 1B Ike began and ended the week on the DL.
R.A. Dickey, SP Dickey had a rough outing, especially in the first inning. To his credit, he was effective for the next few innings to preserve the bullpen.

A perfect 1.000 OBP? Who says this guy's invisible?!?
Dillon Gee, SP Four walks in five innings will catch up to a pitcher, even if he strikes out six in that time.
Scott Hairston, OF .375/.375/.500 in eight trips to the plate made for a very good week off the bench.
Willie Harris, OF He's still not hitting, but drawing 3 BB in 11 PA makes his recent .364 OBP respectable.
Chin-lung Hu, IF Hu made two more outs and was sent to Buffalo shortly after his inexplicable pinch-hitting appearance.
Ryota Igarashi, RP Giving up a single to an opposing relief pitcher after going to a full count is one way to stamp your ticket to Buffalo.
Jason Isringhausen, RP Izzy continued to shut down opposing teams with 3.2 scoreless innings and a nifty 3 K and 1 BB.
Fernando Martinez .857 SLG on the week. The 22-year-old Hitting Machine?
Daniel Murphy, 2B A rough week for the Irish Hammer: .136/.240/.273. At least he drew a few walks.
Jonathon Niese, SP Two starts, 13.1 IP, 10 K, 3 BB. That looks a lot more like Jon Niese from pre-September 2010.
Mike O'Connor, RP A pair of scoreless innings over three apperances with 3 K. Well done.
Angel Pagan, CF Pagan should be back any day now, and despite his early struggles, he's better than Jason Pridie.
Bobby Parnell, RP Parnell's having a tough time in Buffalo as he comes back from his injury.
Ronny Paulino Remember his hot start? So does he. To his credit, he's been exposed to RHP way too often.
Mike Pelfrey, SP Big Pelf looked great against the Marlins. If you're looking for the downside, 1 K in 7 IP was low even by his standards.
Jason Pridie, CF At the plate, he's looked a lot more like Jason Pridie than he did before, but he's still filling in well for Pagan.
Jose Reyes, SS Reyes had a True SABR week: .433 OBP and 80% success rate on stolen bases.
Francisco Rodriguez, RP 5.1 IP and no runs allowed despite only striking out three. Still the best reliever on the team.
Ruben Tejada, 2B Went 1-for-3 with a BB in his first game of the year.
Josh Thole, C Here's an interesting slash line: .000/.357/.000. Walks are good, but getting zero hits is not.
Justin Turner, 2B Turner had a ridiculous week at the plate. He could end up with the 2B gig when Ike and Wright come back.
David Wright, 3B The HR in Houston was a big one, but landing on the DL is a big blow to the lineup.