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Ark-Building Applesauce - Mets slog out win, Collins embraces 8th Inning Izzy, Cohoon shelled

Meet the Mets

That was just plain ugly, but not nearly as ugly as it could have been, considering that the Mets won the game. Seriously though, look at Daniel Murphy here, he looks like he's about to throw down in a mud wrestling royal rumble. But, it makes sense that they tried to get last night's game in, given what the forecast looks like.

Terry Collins really loves this whole eighth inning guy thing with Jason Isringhausen and so far, it hasn't blown up in his face

Meanwhile, Collins is thinking of tweaking his lineup a bit and moving Jason Bay up to the two spot.

Let's take a moment to hype some of the Mets' charity efforts. Carlos Beltran has done amazing work with the Harlem RBI program while Scott Hairston and Jason Pridie are helping some Bronx kids learn how to play softball.

In terms of the minor leagues, not a good outing for Mark Cohoon, but Chris Schwinden has come out of nowhere to pitch his way on the IL's ERA leaderboard. 

Around MLB

The Braves closer situation is looking increasingly sketchy, while Ryan Madson has done an outstanding job solidifying the spot for the Phillies.

Kyle Kendrick won't be without his World Series ring for much longer.

Mike Rizzo keeps insisting that the Nationals have no plans to bring up Bryce Harper this season.

Want a better idea of Harmon Killebrew's career? Take a look at Chipper Jones's numbers.

And, finally, Chris St. John creates a handy chart for figuring out when your team is officially out of it.