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Good Job, America Applesauce - Mets, U.S., win, eat a lot of cheesesteaks, Santana set to pitch off mound

Meet the Mets

Just a weird, weird, weird game on so many levels. Neither team really seemed all that interested in winning the game, but thanks anyway Ronny. Pedro Beato had a very strong game and reminisced about being in New York 10 years ago. Even in the most serious moments, there's also room for comedy

Good job, Dave Racaniello, eating his way into history.

Bobby Valentine's new ESPN gig has put the spotlight on his role in Jose Reyes's development as a switch hitter. I've got to say that the new ESPN broadcasting team was underwhelming. Still an improvement over Joe Morgan, but Bobby's whole spiel whining about the pitch sequence to Jimmy Rollins was a bit ridiculous.

Patrick Flood has one of the great all-time pieces on fan morality and Francisco Rodriguez.

Good news on the Johan Santana front as the Met ace is getting set to throw off a mound in the coming days.

Josh Thole's strikeout numbers are quite troubling.

Omar Minaya may  have found a job outside of the Met organization.

Around MLB

Really bad news for the Nationals, the game of baseball, and one of my fantasy teams as Ryan Zimmerman will have surgery and miss another six weeks of baseball. This means that the baseball world will likely see a lot more of Alex Cora and that can't be good for anyone.

The Roger McDowell story has taken the next logical step, as MLB has suspended the Braves pitching coach for two weeks.

Taco Pal tries to deflate the whole Phillie bandwagon "myth".

John Smoltz didn't fare so well on his Nationwide tour golf debut.

Carl Pavano goes postal in the dugout.

Baseball's oldest living player, Negro League great Emilio Navarro passed away at 105 over the weekend.

MLB's drug testing is at least one thing: extensive.