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Scott Hairston, Jason Pridie Visit Amazin' Bronx School


On Wednesday morning, Scott Hairston and Jason Pridie visited M.S. 101 in the Schuylverville section of the Bronx as part of the Mets' "School is Amazing" initiative. The duo spent their time working on fielding drills with the students, all for the greater purpose of encouraging a proper confluence of education and physical activity. It didn't amount to much more than the players just spending time with the kids, but who among you wouldn't remember such a simple event with great fondness for a long, long time?

What is the School is Amazing initiative, exactly? I'll let the Mets' press release regarding the week's festivities give you a better idea:

School Is Amazing celebrates academics, athletics, the arts, friendship and the opportunity to learn and develop intellectually and socially. EmblemHealth's participation in the program promotes the connection between academic accomplishment and a healthy lifestyle including good nutrition and exercise. The School Is Amazing program was launched in 2006 by the Mets, and is sponsored by EmblemHealth. The program continues to reinforce the benefits of education and attendance, and allows students the opportunity to express what they most enjoy about school.

Rather than give you a play-by-play of what really amounted to a fun morning for a deserving group of kids, here's a short video summary. Enjoy!