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Almost .500 Applesauce - Mets shut out Nats in two straight, F! to DH, worst regular season losses

Meet the Mets

All I have to say, I guess, is "Thanks, Phil Cuzzi". It's strange how things come around. The first thing that came to my mind after watching that play was the Jose Reyes triple double in DC where the umpire blew the call. Things balance out. Cuzzi made a bad call, Murphy made a nice play, and the Mets are now one game below .500. It definitely sucks when you're the victim of these types of mistakes, but the proper response is probably not having your GM hurl epithets at the umpires in the clubhouse. Oh well, it gets better Nats fans, you've got Oliver Perez to someday look forward to!

Fernando Martinez is the immediate beneficiary of the start of Interleague play. The Met prospect will be DHing for at least two games this weekend against the Yankees.

Cory Vaughn has just destroyed the baseball down in Savannah and has probably earned the right to play with his former Brooklyn manager up in Binghamton. In case you get a little carried away, however, here's Ted Berg to splash some water on your prospect dreams.

Mark Simon makes some suggestions for the worst Met regular season losses. Luis Castillo's drop was bad, but I don't think it was nearly as bad as the ends of the 2007/8 regular seasons. 

Patrick Flood has a pretty solid idea for fixing the weird rain-out rules.

Around MLB

Arizona sweeps Atlanta. Jason Giambi homers thrice to beat the Phillies. And the Cubs sneak past the Marlins 7-5.

The Red Sox have picked up Yankee table scrap Kevin Millwood and traded for Colorado lefty and Keith Hernandez favorite Franklin Morales.

Andre Ethier is in some trouble for an obscene gesture toward the crowd.

Even the great ones sometimes botch a fly ball. Let me remember that when I drop the first pop up in my softball game tonight.

Let's have some fun with random sample sizes.

Dick Enberg makes the totally understandable mistake of calling Trevor Hoffman Dustin, still seems senile while doing it.

Joe Posnanski scares Yankee fans about their 2013 payroll.