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Which Yankee Has The Stupidest Face?

This is going to seem like sour grapes in the wake of the Mets' spectacular implosion in Sunday's seventh inning, but with Twitter bearing witness I can confidently declare that I thought Mark Teixeira had a stupid face well before yesterday's meltdown in the Bronx and, unofficially speaking, I thought he had a stupid face long before then.

There were a lot of responses to that tweet, many of which concurred with my assessment, while others conceded that, yes, Mark Teixeira's face is irrefutably stupid, but still suggested that another Yankee's face was perhaps even more stupid. As with any question of such serious import, the people need to find comfort in a consensus, to know that one face, above all others, is surely the stupidest.

So here are your candidates. Each of these Yankees has a stupid face in general, but their respective SB Nation player pages seem to have perfectly captured those faces at their absolute zeniths of stupidity.

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Mark Teixeira Nick Swisher Joba Chamberlain Francisco Cervelli