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Mets Trivia Contest Winner — Autographed David Wright Baseball

It's time to announce the winner of last week's trivia contest, of which the grand prize is an autographed David Wright baseball courtesy of Mission SkinCare.

Congratulations to ZZPops, who correctly answered all ten questions and was then randomly selected by a computer. You can see the full randomized results here, and check after the jump for the trivia questions and answers.

Q: How many playoff games have the Mets won in their history?

A: 43. Seven games in 1969; six games in 1973; eight games in 1986; three games in 1988; five games in 1999; eight games in 2000; six games in 2006. 7+6+8+3+5+8+6 = 43. The one-game playoff against the Reds in 1999 was actually the 163rd regular season game, not an official playoff game.

Q: Who holds the Mets' single-season record for complete games?

A: Tom Seaver, with 21 complete games in 1971.

Q: Who hit the first ever triple for the Mets?

A: Bobby Smith, off the Pirates' Jack Lamabe in the Mets' tenth game of the 1962 season. (B-R)

Q: Who was the first Met to hit three home runs in a game?

A: Jim Hickman, on 9/3/65 against the Cardinals. All three were hit off St. Louis starter Ray Sadecki. (B-R)

Q: The Mets won the 1999 NLDS against the Diamondbacks on a game-ending home run by Todd Pratt. What Diamondbacks pitcher gave up the home run?

A: Matt Mantei. (B-R)

Q: What Mets team holds the franchise record for most stolen bases in a season?

A: 2007 Mets, with 200 stolen bases. Some of you misread the question and responded with Jose Reyes. Reyes had 78 steals that year; David Wright had 34; Carlos Beltran had 23; Carlos Gomez had 12; Shawn Green had 11; Luis Castillo had 10; Carlos Delgado had four (?).

Q: Who holds the Mets' single-season record for GIDP (grounded into double plays)?

A: Mike Piazza, who led the league with 27 GIDP in 1999.

Q: In their first game back after the strike in 1995, the Mets played a 14-inning game in Colorado. After the Mets went ahead 9-8 in the top of the 14th, Dante Bichette hit a three-run home run to give the Rockies an 11-9 win. Who scored the go-ahead run for the Mets in the top of the 14th?

A: Ricky Otero. (B-R)

Q: Aaron Heilman threw a complete game one-hitter against the Marlins on 4/15/2005. Who had the lone hit for Florida?

A: Luis Castillo. (B-R)

Q: Who holds the Mets' single-season record for wild pitches?

A: Jack Hamilton, who threw 18 wild pitches in just 148⅔ innings 1966.