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Why Oh Why Wilpon Applesauce - Freddy opens his mouth, Mets get insulted, Familia gets praise

Meet the Mets

I haven't read the article yet, but Jeffrey Toobin has a headline-grabbing feature story in the New Yorker on Met owner Fred Wilpon. From what I gather, Freddy seems to be listening to a little too much WFAN, and not reading enough Amazin' Avenue. As Metstradamus says, it's one thing to be honest, it's a whole other thing to be this dumb. So, I'm sure we're going to have a lot to look forward to in this article's aftermath. 

Good job by the bullpen yesterday.

Ike Davis's rehabilitation from his ankle injury is going slower than anticipated and he has not yet begun running

Jeurys Familia got a lot of attention over the weekend, including a glowing mention in the Baseball America Prospect Hot Sheet and an even rarer bit of good attention at the New York Post. Keep it up.

Brad Holt, on the other hand, looks to be reverting back to his 2010 disaster form.

Anthony McCarron catches up with former Met outfielder George Theodore and talks with him about the major outfield collision that sidetracked his career.

Around MLB

While Fred Wilpon is getting featured in the New Yorker, the Phillies' smug GM Ruben Amaro landed himself a story in the South Jersey Magazine. All I have to say is this. Meanwhile, he keeps showing his genius with player acquisitions, this time landing Scott Podsednik.

Injuries abound elsewhere in the division. Jason Heyward lands on the DL with Tim Hudson missing a start too and Josh Johnson will take a breather on the DL as well.

The Phillies, on the other hand, are starting to get healthy. Chase Utley is set to return soon.

Possible good news out of LA, as the police there have arrested a suspect in the Bryan Stow assault case.

Jose Bautista is starting to get mentioned alongside Babe Ruth. That's when you know you're going well.

Congratulations to Orlando Cabrera for having become a U.S. citizen over the weekend. I'm guessing Orlando now knows more about U.S. history than 90% of his natural-born new countrymen.

Interesting little story on Randy Savage Poffo'sminor league baseball career.

And, finally, Scott Kazmir's career might not be totally finished; there's always the bullpen.