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This Week In SNY, Featuring Sad Keith And Ronny, Flamethrowers, And Citi Field Soccer

A semi-weekly look at the goings-on at SNY, the Mets' television home.

Let's start off with some goings-on from that brutal extra innings loss to the Marlins last Monday.

Monday, May 16th

Keith Hernandez started the night looking like suave James Bond and ended it looking like a duck hunter:

7:05 PM


11:32 PM


As the game slipped away, a disturbing image repeatedly appeared on screen. At first glance, it looked real. Perhaps it was a baby up past his bedtime, a grown man with the appearance of an infant or maybe just Saul Katz. But it's definitely fake:


Keith and Ron Darling were visibly upset in the postgame. We feel ya, Ronny. Via enterprising AA'er hnymustprtzl:



Wednesday, May 18th

Who is this mystery 1986 Met? Per Keith in the first inning:

Keith Hernandez: 1% of Major League players are very content to just sit on the pine and pinch-hit once in awhile. We had one in 1986. We won't divulge!

Some possibilities, based solely on playing time and not any inside knowledge of attitude:

Lee Mazzilli
Danny Heep
Kevin Elster
Stan Jefferson (note: who?)
John Gibbons
Barry Lyons
Tim Corcoran

This Week In SNY endorses the use of flamethrowers at Citi Field. In this case, they helped dry out the rain-soaked field before the game:


Here is a telling Gary and Keith interaction from the bottom of the seventh inning, as the grounds crew worked on the infield:

Gary Cohen: Do those guys on the grounds crew get overtime?
Keith Hernandez: No, they don't.
Gary Cohen: (laughing) How do you know that?
Keith Hernandez: (deadpan) I know everything.

Thursday, May 19th

Let's check in with Kevin! Thursday's edition of "Ask The Booth" was just an excuse for SNY to showcase the cast of its new show Don't Go Burkin' My Hardt, which is billed as a Flushing version of Entourage:


The Ecuador and Greece soccer teams will play an international friendly at Citi Field on June 7th. SNY is advertising the game heavily, which might be a fun event to attend:


Any time I see the game promoted, all I can think of is this old bit from The Simpsons:

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