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Thud Applesauce - Mets prove Fred right for one day, Alderson is a pro, Dykstra to the rescue

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Meet the Mets

That thud you heard from all the way in Chicago was the Mets dropping a turd in the first game after owner Fred Wilpon's unhinged remarks to Jeffrey Toobin were published. But, don't worry, there is still a lot more Wilpon to come in the next few days. 

Only in the sports world could Wilpon's statements be interpreted as holding somebody accountable. In every other walk of life, if you go blogging about your co-workers or employees without talking to them first you'd be seen as a coward and a backstabber.

Probably the most important reaction to Wilpon comes from Sandy Alderson, who provides a steadying influence amidst this chaos. Carlos Beltran ain't too bad either.

Ian O'Connor writes that Bud Selig needs to step in and pull a Frank McCourt on this team. I'm not sure that we're at that stage yet.

Just in case you thought it couldn't get worse, Jason Bay hurt himself last night.

It was a swing and a miss for all of the New York Met affiliates as well yesterday.

But, if you need a smile, you can think of Lenny Dykstra's pathetic attempt at publicity with his attempt to "rescue" Doc Gooden from Celebrity Rehab.

Around MLB

Nationals lose. Philllies lose. Braves win. Marlins win.

Yikes, a fan was critically injured yesterday at Coors Field after falling 20 feet onto concrete.

You could probably see this one coming, but Bryan Stow's family is suing the Dodgers.

Holy crap, you thought the weather has been bad for the Met games? Check out the storm clouds at the Rangers game yesterday.

There are a lot of familiar last names in this year's MLB First-Year Player Draft.

This is why we can't have nice things in Milwaukee.

The jury in the Cory Lidle wrongful death suit returned a verdict in favor of the airplane manufacturer, leaving Lidle's widow with nothing.

President George W. Bush under attack from the vast left-wing foul ball conspiracy.

And, finally, scientific baseball in 1916 meant more sacrifice hits. Maybe it was actually true back in that era.