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Limp Dickey Applesauce - Mets lose R.A. to heel injury, leaves stadium in boot, Einhorn speaks, Posey reax

Meet the Mets

With Pat Misch as the likely next starter on the depth chart, it would've been really nice to not have one of the team's top pitchers slip on a banana peel or something and leave yesterday's game in the third inning. I just can't wait for this team to match up with the Phillies this weekend

But, even though the Mets have very little chance of winning this series, I still am not buying this whole snakebitten Mets, Philly dynasty thing. That's mainly because I have a lot more faith in the Mets' general manager and there are a lot of positive signs about this new minority owner who is coming into the fold. For one thing, the guy seems to buy into the concept of sample size. Plus, if you look at Einhorn's involvement in some of his other investments, it's pretty clear that he knows how to pressure ownership. We knew this year was going to be meh, but the big picture still remains generally bright for this team.

Mike Salfino explains why Chris Capuano is better than what we think, and it has to do with missing bats with some frequency.

And, sad news recently, as the Mets fan community lost one of its greatest scribes, Dana Brand. Greg Prince eulogizes here and Howard Megdal does the same here.

Around MLB

Philadelphia crushes Cincinnati. Florida eeks past San Francisco

The biggest story in MLB yesterday was Buster Posey's trip to the DL, possibly for the remainder of the season. Scott Cousins, the man who put him there with his clean hit on Posey, shows a lot of remorse (consequently mocked by Keith Hernandez during yesterday's broadcast). The injury has sent the Giants scrambling for a new catcher, possibly targeting the Nats' Ivan Rodriguez

And then there's all the discussion about changing the rules following this. Ray Fosse is having none of it.

Federal prosecutors have dropped all charges against Derek Lowe in the reckless driving/DUI situation.

And now for the funny. Josh Wilker tells us everything we need to know about the Bad News Bears' Jimmy Feldman, including that he was played by Gummo Marx's grandson.

Kevin Slowey apparently kidnapped the Lindbergh baby.

Sports announcers love statistics.

And, finally, Emma Span channels Crash Davis and compiles all the great cliche quotes from the past two weeks into one semi-readable article.

Hey guys, just wanted to say farewell as this is my last Applesauce post. I'm starting a new job next week in a crazy attempt to become a real live lawyer. I want to thank the whole AA community for the opportunity and your support. This site has been a Godsend for me; these posts have been a great form of therapy every morning, win, lose, or Tony Bernazard. Anyway, thanks again and let's go Mets!