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Bye Bye Jenrry Applesauce - Mets lose Mejia to major elbow problems, Orcist the Goblin Cleaver needs to be fed

Meet the Mets

Whatever optimism Sandy Alderson may have been hiding about his minor league system probably evaporated after hearing that his top pitching prospect, Jenrry Mejia, will have to undergo major surgery on his elbow after a torn MCL. Give Joe Janish some credit here, he's been harping on Mejia's mechanics for a long time. His solution, though, sounds a little bit too much like Rick Peterson's 15 minutes with Victor Zambrano for me to really believe that it's that easy to correct mechanics.

Anyway, not all the news is bad. Angel Pagan is playing baseball again and hitting more than he did to start the season. So, that's good.

Plus, Brad Holt had a nice outing.

And, who knows, maybe RA Dickey will get a hit with Orcist the Goblin Cleaver tonight.

I don't really need Joel Sherman's negativity to bring me down today (taking first exam of the semester this afternoon), but some of you might feel the need to punish yourselves for something.

Around MLB

Braves/Jurrjens beat Brewers. Nationals/Gorzelanny breeze past Giants.

Josh Johnson recently wrapped up one of the greatest Aprils in MLB history.

I don't watch Sportscenter much anymore, but every now and then they can still come up with a clever commercial. Nice job with Jason Heyward here.

Andre Either is halfway to Joe DiMaggio.

The man who could have been the senator from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Curt Schilling, phoned into some blow-hard sport talk radio program yesterday and spouted off on the Osama Bin Laden thing and lamenting the fact that our military prudently did not mutilate Bin Laden's body (I can't believe I actually wrote that sentence). In a related story, I'm waiting for Mike Piazza's phone call in to Boomer and Carton discussing his opinion on pissing on the site of Adolf Hitler's bunker.

And, finally, the Indians continue to shock the world. Can they actually win the division?