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Jose Reyes is Awesomesauce Applesauce- Mets beat Phillies, Ike and David might be back soon, Ozzie is Ozzie

Meet the Mets

So, it looks like there is no hope for the Mets, but that doesn't mean we can't have fun this summer, right? Especially when we can pound some guy named Vance Worley and the Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs into submission. In related news, Jose Reyes is ridiculous at baseball and thinks the best is yet to come.

R.A. Dickey thinks he will rise again on the fifth day to take the mound, but it is looking like Chris Schwinden might take the ball Tuesday against the Pirates.

On the injury front -- Ike Davis is still not running, but Sandy thinks he and David Wright may both be back on the next homestand.

And in very sad news, it looks like Gary Carter's brain tumors are inoperable. His doctors and family are optimistic about his treatment, but maybe its a good time to start thinking about retiring number 8

Around MLB

Break up the DiamondbacksWith their win last night, they complete a 6-1 road trip and take over the top spot in the NL West. Of note, Aaron Heilman would be tied for the lead in wins on the Mets. Le sigh.

Clayton Kershaw is good at throwing baseballs.

So is Justin Verlander

All NL West Applesauce, all the time? Giants catcher Buster Posey is out for the year after surgery to repair torn ligaments in his ankle. Somehow I don't remember all this pearl clutching when the same thing happened to Carlos Santana.

Martin Prado continues to annoy me, helps Braves win ballgames.

And finally, White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen had some nice things to say about the Chicago fans and media. This just barely qualifies as newsworthy by now.