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This Week In SNY, Featuring Kevin Burkhardt As Mary Poppins And Jason Bay: Weatherman

The Mets had a rough go at it last week, finishing just 1-5 against the Yankees, Cubs and Phillies. But the characters at SNY kept it entertaining. We'll start off with an older item, courtesy of Rob Castellano. Fernando Martinez hit a home run in Houston on May 13th, catching the SNY graphics master by surprise:


What a Misch-take. Someone Misch'ed the boat on that one. Your Misch-ion, should you choose to accept it, is to distinguish Fernando Martinez from Pat Misch. Etc.

Tuesday, May 24th:

Taco Bell sponsors Spanish audio during Mets games, which is sort of like Panda Express sponsoring Chinese audio:


Wednesday, May 25th

Josh Thole had a childhood flashback to backyard Slip 'n Slide while rounding third base in the second inning of the Mets' 7-4 win over the Cubs:

Keith Hernandez demonstrated his tech-savvy, exclaiming "57,000 people responded?!" to this Toyota Text Poll, which was open for maybe five minutes:


I'll set the over/under on responses at 20.

Let's check in with Kevin! It was a rainy night in Chicago, and Kev came prepared:


Quoth Keith: "You look like Mary Poppins!"

I'm pretty sure tank top fan was the guy heckling Justin Turner all game with the very audible "You suck, you ginger!" taunt. Nothing like a dozen beers at Wrigley during a Cubbies loss in pouring rain:


Saturday, May 28th

Fox cameras caught this fellow taking in the ballgame:


Is he:

A) A furry in public
B) A hired actor promoting some probably-terrible FX show starring Mr. Frodo
C) A big fan of The Shining

Here is a gif of the infamous Mike Pelfrey balk, via SB Nation:


We learned that Jason Bay prefers the bowl haircut and would be a weatherman if he didn't play baseball:


To that we say -- follow your dreams Jason! It's never too late. There's a Sam Champion resemblance there.

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