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Hit Parade Applesauce: Mets bats keep a-knockin, Einhorn wears a blue hat, Royals LOLpen gets a shake-up

Meet the Mets

The Mets bats continue to pound out more hits than Barry Gordy, as they base knocked the Pirates to death. Dillon Gee had one of his better starts as a pro, striking out 8 in seven innings and walking none. His secret? Abandoning his slider.

Angel Pagan is raking since his return from his bout of low BABIPits rib injury.

The Mets line-up did this without Jose Reyeswho was placed on bereavement leave. Reyes thinks he'll be back by the weekend series, though.

New minority owner/hedge fund manager/poker player David Einhorn spoke to reporters before the game, and waxed philosophical about the team's finances. Or didn't answer the question. Take your pick.

R.A. Dickey and his heel are good to go tonight.

Bleacher Report* has an informative a page-hit generating slideshow (of course) of players the Mets could pick up at the deadline. Personally, for me it's Chance Ruffin** or go home.

Some guy in Buffalo thinks the Bisons need to drop the Mets as their parent club. But where will we get all our players?

*This is the one and only time I will ever link to Bleacher Report. Promise.

**Though a Chance Ruffin/Dock Doyle battery would be awesome. And after the game, they would investigate crimes in the 1920s.

Around MLB

The Rangers one-upped the Mets in the hit department. Think Mike Scoscia misses Mike Napoli? Yeah, probably not. But he should.

Bartolo Colon is magic. Injecting stem cells into your arm is the new market inefficiency. 

Torii Hunter collected his 1000th career RBI as the Angels beat up on the Royals bullpen to get the win.

Speaking of the Royals bullpen (sure, why not?) Joakim Soria, he of the 6.55 ERA and diminished velocity, is out as closer. Everyone pick up Aaron Crow in their AL-only leagues.

Also in Kansas City, a surprise proposal on the dugout. On the topic of weddings, does anyone know how much it would cost to rent Mr. Met for an evening, put him in a tux and have him be a ring bearer? I need an argument settled.

Fangraphs takes a look at the Rays' defense.

And finally, apparently it is this guy's fault that we have to deal with obnoxious Phillies' fans today.