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That Happened Applesauce - Dickey can't shut down pathetic Giant lineup, Mets now face Lincecum

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I think it's time to release Hrunting on a bunch of water coolers, Pavano-style.
I think it's time to release Hrunting on a bunch of water coolers, Pavano-style.

Meet the Mets

It's really strange that I had the same thoughts in my head as the broadcasting crew before Emmanuel Burriss's first hit; with this lineup and with RA Dickey throwing like he has, there could be a no-hitter tonight. That was wrong and I got angry. At least some of the nation's brave soldiers got to see a baseball game and Jose Reyes put on his best eveningwear while flirting with his most attractive suitor.

Bud Selig offered his assessment of the Mets financial situation and... it's not as bad as the Dodgers! That's right, the same Dodger team that is dangerously close to insolvency! Woot!

OK. In all seriousness, there is some really good news from the Johan Santana front and Ike Davis's hot hitting is showing some signs of sustainability. Oh and Wilmer Flores can hit. So, cheer up. 

That's it for the good news. Now for the other random bad news and notes. Like the fact that the Mets will be re-evaluating Jenrry Mejia's future role when he returns from his almost certain Tommy John surgery.

Or that Josh Thole has been putrid behind the plate and just absolutely killed the Mets last night when they could have actually won the game.

And, before I forget, this is neither good nor bad news, but just awesome work by the Platoon Advantage, showing us how the Mets went from Jon Matlack to David Wright.

Around MLB

Good job Francisco Liriano. You accomplished what I thought RA Dickey could have last night.

Jayson Werth returned to Philadelphia for the first time last night and didn't get a hit. The Nationals lost.

Atlanta acquired a guy with a name eerily similar to Jeff Francoeur.

The Brewers are rewarding the fans for every win they earn by cutting ticket prices by $1 for every May win.

Shin-Soo Choo blew a BAC higher than a lot of people's batting averages.

Dodger manager Don Mattingly is putting his foot down and fining James Loney a prohibitive $1 for every time the first baseman flies out to left field.

Cool your jets on Bryce Harper

And, finally, here's an incredible old feature story on the science and strategy behind winning baseball teams... from 1911.