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This Date in History: 5/6/06

It's been a while, but welcome back to This Date in history. It's no longer possible to pull complete versions of the team's website from the Wayback Machine, but the Mets have preserved their old stories on their current site for our viewing pleasure. Without further ado: here's a story from the Mets' official website from five years ago today:


Some highlights:

  • Kaz Matsui gets the headline, and although you may have erased it from your memory, he was briefly a member of the 2006 Mets.
  • The following sentence: "So Victor Zambrano may be seriously injured and unable to pitch."
  • A reminder that Mets fans' lack of appreciation of Carlos Beltran is nothing new: "Why Carlos Beltran was warmly greeted as he approached the plate in the fifth inning Saturday, two innings after he had hit a home run. And he barely was jeered as he returned to the dugout after striking out with a runner in scoring position."
  • Jose Lima and John Smoltz were set to start the next game.