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Not Swept Applesauce - Mets salvage series, Collins doesn't like paternity leave, need better bench

Hi there.
Hi there.

Meet the Mets

It's always nice to come home and know that the Mets have already won a game. My evening will now be free from its most common source of potential rage and disappointment. 

As Jason Bay returned from becoming a proud father once again, his manager doesn't sound too happy with the whole paternity leave policy. Bay's return also signals the departure of Lucas Duda, who didn't really give off a ton of self-confidence in this interview.

The Mets have added a new reliever to the mix: former Mariner Brian Sweeney.

While we're talking about spare parts and the Mets roster,Ted Berg points out some of the considerations the Mets while trying to fix their pathetic bench.

Now that Jenrry Mejia is done for awhile, it would be really nice for Matt Harvey to provide us fans with some sense of hope.

Here's some video of the 1986 Mets visiting the Reagan White House.

Jim Bowden focuses his first ESPN column on the potential midseason buyers for Jose Reyes's services

Russ Adams retires.

And, finally, Mark Simon talked with some of the original Met converts to find what it was like to embrace the lovable losers.

Around MLB

Phillies over Nationals. Braves sweep four games with Brewers. Cardinals thump Josh Johnson.

A new book profiles Dodger great Roy Campanella, his baseball life and his post-baseball life after a car crash rendered him a paraplegic. It sounds really good.

The Dodgers are facing a threat bigger than Bud Selig: the NFL.

There has been some talk about improving MLB's division system by adopting the European soccer relegation system. Meh.

Jorge Posada has been a slug on the basepaths.

And, Bill James was on theColbert Report talking about stuff other than baseball.