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Mets Baseball Card(s) of the Week: Mini-Cards

Ah mini-cards, how I hated you. Does anyone remember this short-lived craze in baseball card collecting -- probably around the time of Micro Machines and Polly Pocket -- where for a brief period toy companies felt the need to create microscopic versions of everything? In general it wasn't a great idea but baseball cards? Not their best considering you needed a magnifying glass to read the backs of the cards. Seriously.

I believe these two Topps cards (Bobby Jones and Robin Ventura) are from 1993 but who the hell knows as I'd need an electron microscope to read the fine print on these things.

Now Cracker Jacks cards are a different story and I thought that 1992 Donruss Bobby Bo was kind of cool as it very well may be souvenirical(?) evidence of one of, if not my very first Mets game.

Either way, these things still all suck:

             Sc003b419a_medium       Sc003b5c19_medium