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Mets Place Chris Young on Disabled List, Call Up Pat Misch

Prior to the game today, the Mets placed Chris Young on the 15-day disabled list with tightness in his right shoulder. It's the second trip to the DL in the past few weeks for Young, but it doesn't come as much of a surprise after he was unable to make his scheduled start last night.

Pat Misch has rejoined the team, and he figures to join the bullpen while Dillon Gee takes what would have been Young's turns in the rotation. Young has undoubtedly been the best starting pitcher on the team so far this season, but if it's any consolation, he's due for some regression given his career norms and peripherals. Gee should be at least a serviceable replacement in the rotation until Young returns, and his 4.63 xFIP is only slightly higher than Young's 4.47. 

Misch made one two-inning appearance out of the Mets' bullpen, but he's been starting games in Buffalo and struggling despite his excellent walk rate.

Update: Sandy Alderson says the MRI on Young's shoulder indicates he may have the same shoulder injury he had in 2009, and he does not expect Young to return immediately upon his eligibility to come off the DL. Not good.