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This Week In SNY, Featuring John Leguizamo, Keith Hernandez's Crocs, And Frank Costanza

There were all kinds of shenanigans this past week at SNY. First up is Kevin Burkhardt, who wants to jinx the Mets now, not three innings from now.

Tuesday, May 3rd

A timeline of events -- Josh Thole was up to bat in the bottom of the ninth with the bases loaded in a tie game and one out. A little old sacrifice fly would have won it. Enter Burkhardt:


Thole then grounded into a 1-2-3 double play to end the inning:


Oops. The Mets eventually lost in ten innings, dashing everyone's dreams for one night.

Just call him Bob "So Fresh And So Clean" Ojeda:


Wednesday, May 4th

Mets fan and star of The Pest John Leguizamo threw out the first pitch Wednesday night and had Burkhardt ROFL during an in-game interview:


Is he havin' a laugh?

Matt Cerrone of Metsblog appeared on-air to give his take on the current state of the Mets fan. Here is a transcript of the segment:

When the season started, I knew there'd be times when I'd have a ton of confidence, followed the next day by utter panic. And that's exactly what's happened so far.

On, I write about the team but I also let you know other places to get opinion. And I see this unbalanced approach, not just in me, but all across the fanbase.

We're excited, then we're freaking out. Sure, it's wild, but it's also compelling. And it's leading to a lot of interesting arguments among fans. To check it all out, online, every day, go to, presented by Verizon.

Thursday, May 5th

The Oliver Perez Fan Club was chillin' out Thursday afternoon on Cinco de Mayo:


We wish Jason Bay didn't suck, because "Bay's Eh's" (the Canadian "eh") would be a fun fan club. Sit in the left field stands wearing Canadian tuxedos, Rush t-shirts and Habs hats while waving the Canadian flag.

Does anyone know what the hell Ike Davis was doing on this attempted takeout slide? He's a good eight or nine feet from the bag:


Friday, May 6th

Chip Hale has to be at the ready during every Jose Reyes at-bat, as Reyes is on a Lance Johnson-esque triples binge. Here's another great shot of Hale at work:


Down, Jose, get down! Sniper's got talent!

Saturday, May 7th

Keith Hernandez threw out the first pitch to kick off Seinfeld Night at Citi Field. And his footwear choice was a pair of Crocs:


Jerry Stiller AKA Frank Costanza sang "Take Me Out To The Ballgame" during the seventh inning stretch. Here he is, courtesy of Mets Police:

Serenity now.

Ralph Kiner's visit to the booth yesterday will be recapped in next week's installment of TWIS. Send any tips or suggestions to