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No Win for Mom Applesauce - Mets drop Mothers' Day matinee, Young to DL, Misch to MLB

Meet the Mets

Taking two out of three over the weekend isn't too bad, even if you disappoint all the mothers in the ballpark yesterday. I mean, you had Jerry Stiller AND the Soup Nazi in the ballpark this weekend. There's no way that was going to be bad. Still, there are things we probably should worry about. Like Chris Young's re-aggravation of a major injury (although Pat Misch looks to be a solid replacement in that rotation spot). Or what about David Wright's really mediocre start to the season?

That's a good topic actually because there's starting to be speculation surrounding the Met third baseman. Of course this goes along with the constant Jose Reyes speculation and the bemoaningof how this team is cursed, so take it all with a grain of salt. But, what the heck, I'll bite... if I had to choose one guy to keep between Reyes and Wright, I think I might have to go with Reyes.

The Mets lost both games during Jason Bay's paternity leave, but you won't hear too many players complaining about the policy.

Steve Serby sat down and did a pretty cool interview with Jason Isringhausen. I hadn't really known much about his relationship with John Franco and his rookie hazing was genius.

The Wilpons might be willing to move in the fences.

Mookie is tired of talking about Game 6, but he will never be a jerk about it.

Around MLB

The Nationals acquired Gregor Blanco from the Royals and still are getting questions about when Bryce Harper will make his MLB debut.

Atlanta is really really bad at stealing bases.

Chase Utley hit two homers in an extended spring training appearance. That's not really good news.

Reports of Derek Jeter's demise may have been a bit premature.

Mike Scioscia now has 1,000 career wins as a manager.

The MLBPA and MLB are talking about updating the league's alcohol policy, but don't expect any major changes in the near future.

Justin Verlander is somehow getting better.

And, finally, Greg Maddux didn't throw a lot of pitches because he didn't have to.