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Chris Young Has Torn Anterior Capsule, Mejia to have Tommy John Surgery

(Photo by Marc Serota/Getty Images)
(Photo by Marc Serota/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Chris Young has torn his anterior capsule in his pitching shoulder. That's the same injury that Johan Santana suffered and confirms that the odds of Young making another appearance this year are virtually non-existent. Young's inability to stay on the field is exactly why he was signed to a contract with a low guaranteed salary and incentives, and the Mets will have to move on for the rest of the season.

Also from the department of bad and unsurprising news, Jenrry Mejia has gotten his second opinion on his elbow injury and is now set to undergo Tommy John surgery. As bad as that may be, it's entirely possible that Mejia will fully recover from the surgery and regain his status as a future major league pitcher.

The loss of Young creates a short-term problem, and Dillon Gee and Pat Misch will fill the void on the major league roster. The loss of Mejia, however, make the Mets' farm system one significant player thinner than it already was. Come September, it'll be other minor league pitchers potentially getting a handful of starts in the big leagues.