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Pirated Applesauce - Collins Leaves Dickey in for Loss, Ike Has a Setback, Reyes Back on Thursday

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The Pirates finally won a game at Citi Field after R.A. Dickey was magnificent before surrendering three runs in the eighth inning.

If scoring one run against the Pirates wasn't bad enough for you, the news on Ike Davis is that he'll be wearing a boot and doing no running for three weeks. That sounds to me like he's at least four or five weeks away from those infamous "baseball activities." Perhaps he'll return around the All Star break? Not cool.

In the most serious news of the day, doctors confirmed the diagnosis on Gary Carter's brain tumors. Awful news, but we all wish him the best and sincerely hope he pulls through.

Jose Reyes has had his own bad news to deal with, but the Mets expect him to return to the lineup on Thursday.

Ted Berg takes stock of the team now that the calendar has passed Memorial Day and says the Mets are who we thought they were.

Adam Rubin mixes things up a bit with the never-ending beating of the "one of your favorite players will be traded this year" drum, saying if Reyes stays, David Wright will be traded. Yawn.

Around MLB

If all of that has you down about the Mets, Cliff Lee had an awful start last night, giving up 6 runs in 5.1 innings to the Nationals while allowing two home runs to Danny Espinosa.

The Braves lost to the Padres, and the Marlins handed the Diamondbacks their first loss after a seven-game winning streak.

Marlins president David Samson is not a fan of Logan Morrison's (@LoMoMarlins) Twitter activity. As someone who follows Morrison on Twitter, I say David Samson is a scaredy cat.

Ryan Zimmerman's set to begin playing in extended spring training games.

You know we love animated GIFs, and this one featuring Adrian Gonzalez is pretty sweet. And another one: Daniel Hudson was interrupted during warmups by the Taco Bell sauce race in Houston, an all-time favorite of Kevin Burkhardt.

Beyond the Box Score has a really fascinating look at how baseball players are aging these days. Damn you, time!

Some of Troy Tulowitzki's metrics suggest he's actually improving as a hitter, but for now, I'll enjoy the fact that Jose Reyes is having a far better season.

Wearing his Fangraphs hat, Eno takes a look at the trade candidates who play shortstop and begrudgingly writes up a bit about Reyes.

The Pirates will be without Ryan Doumit for at least a month after he broke his ankle in a collision at home plate on Sunday. Some people are probably still screaming, "change the rules!" Or maybe they're not since he's not named Buster Posey. But hooray for MLB embeddable video: