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Mets Daily Farm System Report 6/1

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*All results from games played on May 31, 2011

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AAA - Buffalo Bisons (24-29)_______________________________________

BUFFALO 4, CHARLOTTE 8 (Box) From my seat down the left field line in CitiField, I kept an eye on the organizational scoreboard; in the quarter-hours between Bobby Parnell pitches, especially. And among the several things to afflict my vision was an early Bison "1" followed by a string of circular figures. Such is the way to lose in dispiriting fashion, whether R.A. Dickey is on the mound or Chris Schwinden, who came perilously close to pitching in Queens and, well, might as well have. But back to the Herd, who saw a considerably worse pitching performance but at least showed fight in the ninth. Fernando oddly began a rally with a rally-killing homer; on its heels, four singles and a walk. A crooked three went up on the board, but the Bisons still fell a grand slam short.

  • RF Fernando Martinez: 1-3, R, HR(4), RBI (.297/.369/.527); mashing.
  • CF Kirk Nieuwenhuis: still day-to-day after injuring his shoulder on an awesome catch. Hasn't played since 5/24, erk.
  • LF Lucas Duda: 0-4, K (.258/.376/.454)
  • 2B Luis Hernandez: 1-4, RBI (.216/.266/.269)
  • RHP Chris Schwinden: 4.2 IP, 4 H, 5 ER, 5 BB, 3 K, 2 HR (53.1 IP, 2.87, 37 H, 19 BB, 49 K, 4 HR)

AA - Binghamton Mets (16-33)_____________________________________

When Wally has a good team, he wins. When he has a bad team, he loses. When he plays a double header, he wins and loses. Wally is a competitor; winning and/or losing is what he does. Anyway, you have to hand it to the Bingo club for not cutting its throat after their 18th lost in 21 tries, and pulling out game two in extras by playing a little small ball. Dykstra singled, Campbell was HBP, and Wally asked his boy to bunt the fellas over. And with the hitters he's got, who can blame him? Raul Reyes singled in the very next at bat, and Bingo let out a collective "Thank God."


  • SS Jordany Valdespin: 0-2, R, K (.255/.308/.389)
  • 3B Eric Campbell: 0-3, HBP (.195/.317/.260)
  • 1B Allan Dykstra: 1-3, R, RBI, BB (.259/.383/.440)
  • RHP Colin McHugh: 6 IP, 3 H, 2 R, 1 ER, 0 BB, 5 K; this was his first start in AA, and it was a good one for sure. But he put up a not-so-good line in St. Lucie: (35.2 IP, 6.31, 47 H, 14 BB, 39 K, 3 HR)

Hi-A St. Lucie Mets (28-24)________________________________________

ST. LUCIE 1, CLEARWATER 4 (Box) Cesar Puello homered in the game's first at bat. The Mets were on pace for an infinite number of runs. Twenty-seven outs later, the homer stood alone. St. Lucie (aka the good team) finishes up the month of May with a 9-19 record.

Lo-A Savannah Sand Gnats (28-23)__________________________________

CHARLESTON 0, SAVANNAH 1 (Box) Again with 1 damned run, but the Sand Gnat pitchers were outstanding. Seven Ks across 6 scoreless from the starter Greg Peavey, and a hitless three innings from the 'pen.

 Star of the Night 

Two very good pitching performances from Greg Peavey in Savannah and Colin McHugh in Bingo. The latter comes after a promotion that McHugh openly admits he didn't quite deserve:

This was unexpected to say the least. My goal for the year was to end up in AA. It’s May 30 and I’m already here. The grass isn’t literally greener, in fact it’s not as nice as PSL. But it is nice to see progress in a job where progress isn’t always linear. Did I deserve it? Probably not. But you can be damn sure that I plan on taking full advantage of the opportunity.

Hey, that's a good quote. But the better performance was turned in by Peavey who is star of the night. Last year's 6th round pick out of Oregon State, the right-hander's 55:10 K:BB ratio -- and singular HR in 60 IP -- are bueno.

Goat of the Night

Eric Cambell went 0-6 with a K across two games in Binghamton. No me gusta ese .195/.317/.260.