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Mets Trivia Contest: Win A 1986 Mets DVD Set

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Mets videos!
Mets videos!

Deadline for contest entries is 5pm EDT today.


Another week, another sweet giveaway at Amazin' Avenue. Last time it was an autographed David Wright baseball. Nice prize, a very good prize, not a superstar prize.

This time we've got 1986 Mets World Series DVD sets to give away. Three of them, to be exact, and we're giving one away each week until Father's Day. If you don't win one — or if you don't feel like waiting — you can still pick one up yourself from MLB shops.

This week's trivia contest will remain active until 5pm EDT on Friday, after which time we'll randomly select a winner from among the entries with the most correct answers. There are ten questions in all, and you can access the trivia form here or just fill in your answers using the embedded form in this post. All ten questions can be answered using information obtained at Baseball-Reference, so that'd be a good place to start your research.

And... go!