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Friday Morning Applesauce: The Duda called up, Bay benched, Who to join Hu

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The Mets rebounded from Wednesday night's meltdown with a nice 4-1 victory over the Brewers.  Jon Niese was exceptional in this one, and stayed in the game long enough to avoid allowing most of the bullpen a chance to repeat the prior night's events.  After the game we found out that the Duda will likely be joining the club.  It's very convenient for them that since they were only carrying 24 players on the roster, they don't need to clear a roster space.

Here's a great story of a Mets fan raising money for a fellow Mets fan by climbing Mt. McKinley.  This really does help put a lot of things into perspective, if you'd like to help Roger reach his goal you can donate to the Tug McGraw foundation here.

While we're trying to get you to spend your money, here's some exceptional t-shirts that any Mets fan should be proud to wear to Ebbets Citifield.

Sports writers in Virginia seem to understand the value of David Wright.  I bet they even think he's a superstar.  

If you think that Beltran is only 65-70% of what he was, maybe it's because the basestealing component of his game is no longer there.  Schmuck.

Here's an interesting look at just how good both Reyes and Beltran have been to the Mets this season.  I think we can all understand the reasons they may be traded, but it's a shame Omar was allowed to run this ship so far into the ground that it's even a remote possibility.

Jason Bay's hitless streak will last at least a few more days.  He had last night off and is scheduled to rest today as well.  

Around MLB:

We have yet another fanbase that doesn't buy into the Jeff Francouer clubhouse presence...welcome to the club Kansas City.  Then again, maybe he should have a little bit of influence in the clubhouse, as he was the only Met to openly oppose the Jerryball principle of Reyes in the 3 hole.

Ozzie Guillen managed his 1200th game for the White Sox.  His son Oney celebrated the feat by making racially charged remarks on Twitter.  That's poor Oney...that's poor.

Oakland has struggled enough that they went ahead and changed mangers.  The Oakland players seem to understand the reasoning behind the change.  It's nice to see Bob Melvin getting another shot at the big league level.  Second chances are gangsta.

Finally, Bob Nightengale notes that extra inning games are being played at a record rate this year.  Good news if you want extra bang for your buck, bad news if you have an early bed time.