This Week in Mets Quotes

Note to the league: All your third base are belong to Reyes

"I take them at any time. It doesn’t matter. A triple is a triple no matter where I play." Reyes via

Just as I've always thought, Larry is fueled by hate and anger

"They’ve always provided me incentive to try to make left turns at first base instead of right," Larry on Mets fans via

Thole’s rough season behind the plate continues

"That’s the first time I’ve ever hit a home run where I heard the catcher say, ‘Oh my God!’ when I hit it." Larry via

I’ll give it to him that was a good one

"Let’s hope he doesn’t have another one named Citi." Braves manager Fredi Gonzalez via

Classless Braves

"He’s good. He’s moving the ball in and out, up. He changed speeds. Everybody’s really about throwing hard these days, but what Gee did today, that’s pitching." Jurrjens via

"He was definitely on top of his game. He was basically doing anything he wanted tonight. Fastball in and out. Changeup, bottom dropping out of the changeup. Cutter, which is something we were seeing for the first time. Just really, really kept us off balance." Larry via

This seems like a Catch-22

"I think confidence is the big thing, just knowing I’m able to get hitters out. If you don’t trust your stuff, they’re going to hit you. … Until you experience success in the big leagues, I don’t think you can have that confidence." Niese via

Ah the mentality of a closer

"It didn’t even cross my mind I was going to be coming in the eighth." Rodriguez via

TC holding this team to a higher standard

"We didn’t lose anybody tonight," Collins via


"Maybe the best thing for me was to strike out because it was painful," Beltran via

Canadian smack talk

"It's not enjoyable. At the same time, you're still part of a team, and the team over the last few days has done pretty well. It does no good for me to sit around and pout about it. just because I'm struggling doesn't mean that everyone else has got to deal with that, too. We're playing pretty good baseball. I deal with it in my own way. It is eating at me pretty good, but once again, I don't think it benefits anybody to sit around and pout about it." Bay via

I’m pretty sure this is how the ’86 Mets got out of slumps

"We just kind of came up with, ‘Hey, let’s just take a blow for a couple of days and work on some things,’ and we’ll get him back in there." TC on Bay via espn

I can’t imagine how cool it is to read about yourself on an internet mock draft

"You can’t help looking. I saw one where it had the Mets taking me at 13 and the thing by it was just that the Mets just kind of liked me over all as a player and a person. That one kind of blew me away." Nimmo via nyt

SiteBot FacePalm of the Week

"If your defending Armando, your just looking at his numbers on the back of his BB Card. You haven’t watched him pitch night in and night out. If the Gm was a national televised Game it was over. He would blow it.If it was a divisional game we needed nope he would melt down. More pressure of a spot more the meltdown. Sure he got saves during the yr but so did Brandon Looper and Wagner. But in big spots our closers always gave one away. Wags and Armando gave one away in the postseason." TheKid08

AA Quote of the Week

"If it's Beltran's place, it's more like Soft-rito, amirite?" Bieser's Balk

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