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Mets Trivia Contest Winner: 1986 Mets DVD Set

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With Father's Day rapidly approaching, we're giving away Mets 1986 DVD sets every week until the big day. Last week's trivia contest winner is astromets, who correctly answered all ten questions and was fortunate enough to be selected by the randomizer. There were nine flawless entries. Full answers can be found after the jump.

We'll have this week's contest up later today.

Q: In 1969, in how many games did a lefty (starter or reliever) record a win for the Mets?

A: 27. Here's the list.

Q: Lance Johnson holds the franchise single-season hits record with 227 in 1996. In how many games that season did Johnson have at least one plate appearance and fail to collect a hit?

A: 35. Here's the list of games.

Q: In Game 6 of the 1999 NLCS, the Mets lost the game and the series to the Braves when Kenny Rogers walked Andruw Jones with the bases loaded to force in the winning run. Who scored that run for the Braves?

A: Gerald Williams.

Q: Who holds the Met pitching record for most walks allowed in a game?

A: Mike Torrez, who walked ten Reds on 7/21/1983. The Mets lost the game, 6-1.

Q: The Mets have had nine cycles in their history. Who is the only Met to ever hit for a natural cycle — single, double, triple, and home run, in that order?

A: Jim Hickman, against the Cardinals on 8/7/1963.

Q: Which Met batter has the most postseason at-bats in team history?

A: Edgardo Alfonzo, 100.

Q: Who was the Mets' first ever amateur draft pick?

A: Les Rohr, a LHP from West HS in Billings, MT, who was taken second overall in the 1965 draft.

Q: What is the Mets' record for home attendance in a season?

A: 4,042,045, in 2008, Shea Stadium's final season.

Q: Who is the only Met to drive in more than one run in a single All-Star Game?

A: Lee Mazzilli, who drove in two runs in the 1979 mid-summer classic. Only three other players — David Wright, Mike Piazza, and Howard Johnson — had an RBI in an All-Star Game.

Q: How many first-pitch home runs did Darryl Strawberry hit in his career (with all teams)?

A: 28 or 33. There's some confusion on this one, because if you look at Straw's home run log you'll see that he hit 28 home runs on pitch #1 (under "Pitches") but 33 home runs when the count was 0-0 (under "Count"). You'll also notice the difference of five home runs between the "Unk" label under each of these categories, which I'll assume accounts for the identical disparity between 28 and 33 home runs. We accepted both answers as correct.