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Baserunning Drills Applesauce: Your one stop shop for Jose Reyes news and news about Jose Reyes

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Meet the Mets

Well, last night's game made me want to die a little inside, how about you guys?

Hey, didn't get enough bad news with yesterday's loss? Well, here's some more for you. Everybody's still hurt. Ted Berg thinks we still shouldn't trade Wright, though

Ken Rosenthal lists Dillon Gee as one of his under the radar all-stars, and talks about what it might take for the Mets to sign Reyes. Our initial offer was 3/45? Really? Marty Noble thinks the franchise is better off with Reyes in New York. And holy crap, I agree with Marty Noble. Hopefully this will never happen again.

Applesauce is all Reyes all the time, as Mets Today looks at the Reyes Dilemma, which sounds like a fourth season Star Trek episode that never got made.

In good Reyes news, Jose has finally passed the evil Jimmy Rollins and moved into second place in the NL All-Star Voting. That's not first place, though, so you know what to do.

Metsmerized wonders if it is worth it to resign Beltran. Well, that's a new one, but I think sooner or later you have to give the troika of F!/Duda/Kirk a chance to prove themselves. Even if I have nothing but praise for Beltran, who apparently is some sort of bat whisperer.

Adam Rubin rubs some salt in our collective wound by taking a look back at the last decade of Mets deadline deals. Spoiler Alert: Victor Zambrano still doesn't work out. Also at ESPNNY, an update on Gary Carter's condition.

The Apple wonders if we will ever get to .500.

Draft updates galore: Mike Diaz has the inside scoop on some signability guys at Mets Minors Blog, but a bunch of picks have already inked. Diaz also takes a closer look at John Gant, the Mets 21st round pick who is one of the recent signees. 

Toby Hyde talks about Cory Vaughn and Greg Peavey and why they are still in the Sally league. My twitter account makes a cameo appearance.


Around the NL East

Well, at least we aren't the only team that is banged up. The Braves' Jason Heyward began his rehab assignment at Gwinnett. No word if Chipper Jones thinks rehab assignments are for soft, gutless chokers. Ryan Zimmerman is finally set to rejoin the Nats today. He's only played 8 games this year, but has still been more valuable than Alex Cora. 

In baseball action, the Marlins and Diamondbacks continue to go in opposite directions, and the Astros roughed up Derek Lowe to end the Braves six game winning streak.


Around MLB

Derek Jeter got pulled from last night's game with an apparent calf injury. Without his gritty ground outs, the team was clearly lost.

The A's Brett Anderson will not be having Tommy John. Instead he got some procedure that sounds like it would be illegal in cycling. The Dodgers' Vincente Padilla was not so lucky, and will be having neck surgery.

Vernon Wells hit two home runs to lead the Angels over the Mariners. Another 30 or so and that contract will almost be worth it.

Stephen Colbert takes on at Beat the Streak for control of their twitter account. It's 1-1 after Day 1. I'm sure some branding guy thought this was a good idea. Synergy!

And finally, all is right with the world again, as Kyle Farnsworth blew a game for the Rays. This balances out my agreeing with Marty Noble.