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Mets Daily Farm System Report 6/14 -- Base on Bisons, Harvey's Ks

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A performance unworthy of a mustache shot.
A performance unworthy of a mustache shot.

*All results from games played on June 13, 2011

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AAA - Buffalo Bisons (27-39)_______________________________________

COLUMBUS 8, BUFFALO 2 (Box) The 2010 Triple-A National Champions walked the bases to victory last night, like a tortoise outclassing a flutter-hearted, crappy hare. Dylan Owen began things by walking four of the first six batters (66.6%) and pitching it wildly passed his catcher, besides. From there, he settled, issuing only two more free passes before handing the game, with two out in the four, to Mike O'Connor, who surrendered a homer faster than you could say boo. The horrors would not subside. In the seventh, our old friend Dale Thayer walked former Yankees Shelly Duncan and Chad Huffman, sandwiching a reached-on-an-error by former Yankee Nick Johnson, and then, like a man without cult hero credentials, surrendered a no-outs grand slam home run. Shave that mustache, Thayer. 

AA - Binghamton Mets (20-41)_____________________________________


Hi-A St. Lucie Mets (33-31)________________________________________

JUPITER 4, ST. LUCIE 7 (Box) Remember when you were ready to go to bed with Matt Harvey, no matter your preferences? It was those pheromonic ratios what done it, and in his last four starts Matt has struck out more than fourteen and walked less than two per nine innings pitched. Tonight that ratio was 8:2, good for five innings of one run ball that was well supported by the Mets fine bat-swinging. The hits began from the word go, when all manner of hopeful youths helped the Mets throw a five up on the board. Den Dekker, Marte, Flores -- all walked or hit --  and Puello capped a triumphal first inning with the long ball. In the second the Mets scratched out a scrappy add-on with a Zapata single and steal (viva!), and in the fourth, Den Dekker launched one. Things grew hairy as the game winded down, with the bullpen (Powers and Morel) surrendering two to many homers and Nick Carr summoned for the final .1. He got his man, though, and the St. Lucie Mets, in the morning's sober light, won't harsh the post-Harvey glow.  

Lo-A Savannah Sand Gnats (36-26)__________________________________

ROME 1, SAVANNAH 2 (Box) The Rome Braves brought neither gladius nor tomahawk to the stadium tonight and were felled by two little bites from our malarial heroes. Gnat righty Ryan Fraser struck out five -- five more than he walked! -- in six nasty little innings, before Elmer Reyes vewy vewy quitwy scored an impotent run in the seventh. The Gnats, for their part, scored their more enchanting run on the strength of a Cory Vaughn lead off triple. Savannah's cavernous stadium may eat up his long balls, but...

 Beaming Star of the Night 

Nothing hair-raising last night. Harvey's peripherals were damned fine but 5 IP won't often land you in this column. Fraser pitched an inning more, and didn't walk a soul, but gave up healthy number of base knocks and.... eh... I'm being hard on the kid. He scattered those hits, and probably had more to do with his team's victory than our hero Harvey. Anyway, none of the three batters with multi-hit games are attracting my fancy. Fraser it is. Fraser was a shut-er-down reliever in Brooklyn who's been given a starting role. What's his season line look like? 67 IP, 2.96, 23 BB, 40 K, 4 HR.  He'll want to keep on striking out 5 and walking none.

Stinking Goat of the Night

Dale Thayer. Walk, error, walk, grand salami. That's like getting two hickies and a titty twister before someone full on kicks you in the balls.

Honorable mention: my boy Darrell.