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New York Mets Daily Farm System Report - 6/16/11

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*All results from games played on Wednesday, June 15th 2011

Not much going on in the Mets minors last night.  Buffalo had the day off, it rained enough to postpone the game in St. Lucie, and none of the Mets top arms were going in Binghamton.  I guess this is the calm before the storm, as short season ball gets going this weekend.


Typical night for Binghamton it seems. The offense wasn't terrible, but they spread their hits out fairly evenly throughout.  Brandon Moore walked a season high four batters, and got the Mets behind early.  AFter that, the offense just couldn't seem to rally to get back in the game.  I guess that's why the club loses twice for every game it wins.


Much like the Binghamton game, this game seemed a pretty typical game for the Gnats.  Even though they got down early, the offense managed to scrape together just enough to squeak by the Braves.  Greg Peavy was solid, but Wilfredo Tovar was the star of the night for Savannah.

Star of the Night

With only two teams in action, Wilfredo Tovar gets the honors with his 3-5 night for the Gnats

Goat of the Night
I don't know that there was really a goat worthy performance in the minors, so I guess I'll call out the Vancouver Canucks.  Thanks guys, I wanted hundreds of texts from gloating Bruins fans last night as I was going to bed...