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Friday Morning Applesauce: Mets lose on walk off balk, F! gets hurt, Kazmir and Carter released

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Adam Rubin lobby for Jose Reyes photo on every applesauce
Adam Rubin lobby for Jose Reyes photo on every applesauce

As noted in the headlines, the Mets certainly are finding interesting ways to lose this season.  It was certainly a very disappointing way to lose a game against the Braves, and the loss sees us drop back below .500 on the season.  Jeff Bradley makes the point that they may currently be the more fun team in NY to watch.

Here's a little look into the Mets bidding process for the minority share of the team.  I wonder if his desire to keep Jose Reyes is the reason Fred went another way.

Brian Costa seems shocked that the Mets are simply mediocre.  I guess that's largely due to taking far to much stock in a early losing streak instead of realizing 162 games tend to fix small sample size related oddities.

Sandy Alderson seems to understand that the fans love he just needs to convince some schmuck in NY to pony up the money to keep him around.

The sun rose this morning at 5:24 AM.  Fernando Martinez is hurt again.  Unfortunately he's only 65-70% of the prospect he once was.

Around MLB:

As the Mets are in a must sell situation for a share of the team and the Dodgers struggle to make payroll, but former commisioner Fay Vincent decides to point out that Mark Cuban is not what MLB is looking for in owners.  After all, who'd want a ridiculously rich guy that could pay his bills and take a mid-market team and let them compete financially with the Yankees?  

MLB is also starting to look closer at the security provided in Dodger stadium.  Say what you will about the way the Mets have been run, but they actually look pretty good compared to the Dodgers.  

Adam LaRoche is officially done for the year.  We'll likely see him again next spring.

After he was released, Fangraphs takes a look at the decline of Scott Kazmir.  While he's been disappointing the last several years, he's still better than Victor Zambrano.

The Durham Bulls have freed the animal.  Good return for an impending type A free agent Omar.

For those interested, highly rated prospect Dustin Ackley is set to debut for the Mariners tonight.

It's nice to see opinions like this with all the talk of re-alignment.  I doubt anything will really change, but it's still nice to see writers in American League markets who actually enjoy the game as it was meant to be played.