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Mets - Angels Saber-stat Series Preview

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Tonight at Citi Field, the Mets (34-35, 9.5GB) begin a three-game series against the Angels (33-37, 3GB). This is also the first of three-straight series against AL West opponents.

The Angels and Mets are similar teams in terms of record and run differential, but they've arrived their in opposite ways. The Mets have leaned on their slightly above average hitting to compensate for below average pitching. The Angels have relied on one of the better pitching staffs in the league to overcome as much as possible their below average run scoring.

The Mets starters for this series have been better of late than their Angel's counterparts, so I'll say the Mets should take two out of three before welcoming the Athletics to town.


Graphic Guide: League average is scaled to 100. Scores higher than 100 indicate performance better than league average, less than 100 indicates performance worse than league average regardless of the statistic. For example, if a team has a FIP of 110% on the graph their actual FIP is 10% better than league average.


RS/G: Runs Scored per Game

wOBA: Weighted On-base Average

OBP: On-base Percentage

SLG: Slugging

BABIP: Batting Average on Balls in Play

LD%: Line-drive Percentage

HR/FB: Home run to Fly Ball Ratio


RA/G: Runs Against per Game

FIP: Fielding Independent Pitching

tERA: True Runs Allowed

LOB%: Left On-base Percentage

BABIP: Batting Average on Balls in Play

K/BB: Strikeouts to Walk Ratio

HR/FB: Home run to Fly Ball Ratio