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New York Mets Daily Farm System Report - 6/2/11: The Duda bides...

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*All results from games played on Wed, June 1 2011

AAA - Buffalo Bisons (25-29)_______________________________________


The story of this game was simple, Lucas Duda went off.  Five plate appearances resulted in a pair of walks and three extra base hits (including two bombs).  While the Mets continue to feel the lack of David Wright and Ike Davis in the heart of their order, the Duda has picked a fine time to show off what he could do if called up.  Dylan Owen also pitched a pretty good game, striking out 7 to seal the win for the herd.  In the most surprising event of the evening, Chin-Lung Hu got on base when he discovered that letting the ball hit you is actually more effective than swinging the bat.

AA - Binghamton Mets (16-34)_____________________________________


Jeurys Familia didn't pitch well, but the defense didn't do him any favors either.  A blown double play by Reese Havens and an airmailed throw by Jonathan Malo certainly forced Familia to throw more pitches than he had to, adding to his run total and shortening his night in the shortest start of his brief double A career.  Jordany Valdespin was the lone B-Met to have a good night offensively, so even without the shoddy defense the pitching wasn't good enough to get it done tonight anyway.  Eric Niesen was surprisingly under control tonight, showing a rare flash of why he was a dark horse for a bullpen spot out of spring training a few seasons ago.

Hi-A St. Lucie Mets (29-24)________________________________________


It was a very mediocre night for the Mets offense in Florida, nobody really did anything of note but pretty much everyone contributed something to the cause.  In the end it was enough, as Darin Gorski put up yet another impressive start as he continues to hold his ERA under 2 for the season despite merely average stuff.  Nick Carr also had a very impressive inning of work tonight as he sealed the win for division leading St. Lucie.

Lo-A Savannah Sand Gnats (29-23)__________________________________


Taylor Whitenton was good last night, and like St. Lucie the Gnats managed to make it count for a win.  Savannah now sits a comfortable 3.5 games ahead of second place, and with their pitching continuing to be solid and the bats finally starting to show some life they might just pull away for the first half title.  As usual, Aderlin Rodriguez showed power when he makes contact, and Cory Vaughn just continues to hit.

Star of the Night 

You shouldn't need help with this one, but re-read the title if you have to.  Power and patience at the plate are a beautiful combination.

Goat of the Night
Luis Hernandez was scheduled to have the night off, and he seemingly still did when he entered the game for Buffalo.  Striking out in every AB you get earns the horns.

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