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Thursday Morning Applesauce: Turner ends the drought, Duda goes off, WBC gets bigger

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Justin Turner went and got himself thrown out of the Ancient Mystic Society of No Homers, but that still wasn't enough to get ESPN to run a "story" on the need to redo the walls at Citi.  Terry Collins seems just as concerned about the length of the grass as he does with the dimensions of the park, so I'd guess this isn't really a hot button topic with the club.

Terry Collins is sick of trying to describe 7th innings...we're all sick of seeing them

Joel Sherman's source sounds less make believe than the one in the Adam Rubin lobby.  If Sherman is to be believed nothing is brewing on the trade front.  His source thinks the returns will be minimal though when the Mets do open for business.

Another day, another theory on exactly what David Einhorn can end up owning in a few years time.  One thing is certain in all of this though, Mets fans everywhere just want the Wilpon family to own as little as possible.  

While money may be tight for Freddie, Paul DePodesta is still racking up the frequent flier miles scouting for the draft.  I wonder if he has to fly coach...

Most of the Buffalo Bisons are currently in NY, Lucas Duda is doing his best to prove that he should be there as well.  If (when) Carlos Beltran gets traded, the Mets are going to have a very interesting decision on who becomes their everyday right fielder.

Around MLB:

Over in Yankee-land, Bartolo Colon's unique treatment on the way to re-launching his career is being closely examined now.  This is likely going to result in nothing more nothing more than MSM noise, but it will be interesting to see how it effects the new CBA this winter.  In other Yankee news, they currently lead in 6 of the 9 "positions" (DH???) in all star game voting.

MLBTR takes a look at some college righties that may be around for the Mets top pick. For what it's worth, Alex Meyer is my personal favorite in this years draft.  With the draft now less than a week away, John SIckels posted his latest big board.  He's also got mock drafts up for the first and supplemental rounds in which he sees the team breaking from the recent trend of going slot as much as possible.

The world baseball classic is controversial with fans, but MLB is happy enough with it that they've decided to expand the field in the future

Ted Berg wants your help in deciding whether this is a laughable Cole Hamels photo

Fangraphs takes a look at how every team's wOBA compare based on their position in the lineup.  There's only one logical conclusion...Traid Reyes

Daisuke Matsuzaka will decide in the next day or two on Tommy John surgery.  Rumor has it that the Sox are holding out on the decision while they try to "trick" Fred Wilpon into taking him for Jose Reyes and 65-70% of Carlos Beltran.

Jim Joyce will never get the chance to ump an Armando Galarraga game again.