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Turner Named Rookie of the Month, O'Connor Optioned to Buffalo, Buchholz to DL

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In case you missed it, Taylor Buchholz was placed on the disabled list prior to the game this afternoon to make room on the roster for Jose Reyes. Buchholz hadn't pitched much lately, and they're calling it a fatigued shoulder so maybe that explains his absence from recent games.

Following the game, Mike O'Connor was sent back to Buffalo, and the expected corresponding move is the promotion of Manny Acosta from Buffalo. The Acostalypse was striking out and walking opponents at extremely high rates. Here's hoping he can keep the walks in check and put up numbers similar to his 2010 season with the Mets.

Finally, Justin Turner was named Major League Baseball's rookie of the month for May, an honor that I was unaware existed until the news was announced. No Met had ever been given the award so maybe that explains why it sounded like something new to me. He's been a bit more active on Twitter (@redturn2) lately so if you're not following him already, go ahead and check that out.