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Jimmy Chitwood Applesauce: Undersized Righty befuddles Mets, Terry Collins gets a Father's Day Present from Japan, MarLOLins are full of lulz

Meet The Mets

Tyler Chatwood, he of the 1:1 K:B ratio, continued to flip the big one to DIPS theory, baffling the Mets for seven shutout innings. The Mets iron gloves didn't help Jon Niese, who was lacking his best stuff

David Wright is doing baseball things, which is preferable to how he was spending his days, playing MLB 09: The Show on Franchise mode and immediately trading Luis Castillo and Oliver Perez. The Johan, meanwhile, will be back in July or August or September. Way to keep a wide berth there, Terry. 

Nice story about Terry Collins getting a visit from his interpreter from his time in Japan.

Some guy from Florida weighs in on retiring #8.

This New York Post column works both a terrible pun and a poker reference into its headline.

Phil Hughes made a rehab start against the Cyclones and pitched well. Brooklyn got the last laugh, though.

In other minors news, Matt Harvey (or is it Harvery?) is moving up to Bingo. At Mets Minors Blog, Toby Hyde takes a closer look at Harvey's future teammates.

Around The NL East

Again, I remind you, at least we aren't the Marlins. Maybe they will bring aboard some real veteran presence. Or barring that, there is always Connie Mack. Interim manager  Brandon Hyde couldn't get the fish going, as James Shields shut them down. Clearly, he's just not old enough.

Cole Hamels took a hard luck loss for Phily against the Mariners. No word if he drowned his sorrows at the carousel.

The Braves avoided a sweep at the hands of the Rangers.

The Nationals eight game win streak was snapped in a sloppy loss.

Around MLB

Indians fired their hitting coach Jon Nunnaly, because he did not wave a bat over Grady Sizemore and Travis Hafner and magically heal them. It must have worked, though, as the Indians won in extras. Correlation = Causation. The walk-off blast was hit by Cord Phelps, which is clearly a pseudonym.

Justin Verlander tossed his second consecutive complete game. That's four for the year. Only 69 more to catch this guy

Boston's bats continue to rake, putting 12 on the board in support of Tim Wakefield's 197th win.

Injury news: Clay Buchholz to DL with back strain. A-Rod's shoulder is hurting. So is Pujols' wrist.